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Universal Green Experts Sdn. Bhd. (948434-T)


Universal Green Experts Sdn. Bhd. is a revolutionary company that is changing the way that people think about hair care.


When Demodex hair mites are present, a wide variety of problems can occur. In fact, the presence of microscopic hair mites can even cause hair thinning and premature hair loss.


Recent scientific advances have proven that Demodex mites could be responsible for a variety of health and cosmetic issues. In addition to hair thinning and hair loss, these tricky little parasites can cause skin aging, large pores, redness, facial discoloration, acne, wrinkles, itching and general discomfort.


For years, medical and hair professionals have found it difficult to successfully eliminate hair mites in many situations. Because of this, we at Universal Green Experts Sdn. Bhd. are excited to introduce our brand, UNGEX.


UNGEX is an exciting new product that can help eliminating Demodex hair mites. The product uses a combination of ozone therapy and herbal solutions to provide a safe, effective way of helping those who suffer from Demodex hair mites.






-Founder's Profile


-Seyed M. Mallak Behbahani President and CEO


-Seyed founded Universal Green Experts Sdn. Bhd. in 2011 to help, those who suffer from hair loss by introducing revolutionary products and technology, known, as "Ungex Hair Mites Therapy".


Professional Experience
• President and CEO of Malaysian based Universal Green Experts Sdn. Bhd. since 2011 to
, present

-Solution-driven business administrator having more than 20 years of management experience, since 1993 to present


• Created good featured teams through implementation of training and mentorship in leadership, job-embedded professional development programs, and adherence to ongoing accountability


• Seyed and his two main Companies have received several business certificates and awards, including the 2012 "Best Invention Award" for the invention of Ungex Therapy by "Universal Green Experts" from Taiwan Invention Intellectual Property Association (TIIPA) in Malaysia Technology Expo 2012 (The leading international invention and innovation expo).


• Seyed has participated in many international exhibitions and seminars locally and globally (REFER TO NEWS PAGE). Throughout his career, Seyed has focused on quality service delivery and remained dedicated to the satisfaction of each customer and the communities they serve.


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-Ungex Head Office:

-39A-3A (No 2) Blk 7 (Setia Avenue), Jalan Setia Prima S, U13/S, Setia Alam 40170 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia


Tel & Fax: ----- +60 3 3359 1524   HQ

-Mobile: [MD]   - +61 4 9747 2333   Mr. Seyed

Mobile: [GC]   --+60 17 206 0174   Mrs. Uma

Mobile: [GM]   - +60 10 893 4433   Ms. Hana

Email: [HQ]
----- sales@ungex.com

Email: [MD]----- cob@ungex.com
Email: [GC]
----- info@ungex.com

Email: [GM]----- uma@ungex.com

Email: [AA]----- hana@ungex.com



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WEBSITE: ungex.com





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FB: facebook.com/hairmites





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-About Production


One of the major producers of our products is the expert factory established in 1991 and has since grown into a market leader in the development, manufacturing, packaging and distribution of skincare products for the professional private label beauty and skincare industry. They have expanded on their range of hair and body care products, cosmetics, and health nutritional food.


By combining France’s sophisticated advancement in dermatological technology and their commitment to high quality, they are able to successfully cater to the various needs of the global market. Their premise in Malaysia houses the production, quality control, design and packing facilities, research development centre and the administrative offices.


They are ISO9001:2008, ISO22000:2005 and HACCP certified, proving the dedication and commitment to achieve global standards of quality and consistency, and food and pharmaceutical safety. They have also obtained the GMP certification from the Malaysian Health Ministry, and the halal certification from the Halal Food Council of South East Asia.


With the experience and expertise of 200 employees across a diverse range of fields, they continue to be able to provide quality products and excellent customer service. Their continued pursuit of excellence has enabled them to successfully venture into the global market.


Plans are on the drawing board to develop innovative hair care and skincare technologies that will put UNGEX as a global leader in this industry.


Our tie-ups with various leading international experts and scientific institutes allow us to harness modern scientific processes and technology to break new grounds on delivering therapeutic products made entirely from earth’s natural minerals and resources.


Our factory continues to invest heavily in research, development and testing to be one of the most advanced manufacturing facilities in the skin care industry. Strong and long-standing relationships with raw ingredient suppliers from all over the world allow us to be pioneers in using the latest compounds to create products which are more effective than ever.


With stringent quality controls and assurances in place at every step of the way, we are able to maintain the excellent quality that has come to be expected of us.


Raw material, packaging component, microbial, chemical, in-process, and finished product testing services are provided by our QC/QA team to support production operations in compliance with Asian GMP requirements.


Our factory is able to incorporate customer-specified quality systems into our operations. They also provide assistance on the development of the system to ensure the smooth running of the facilities.

Below are some of our quality systems:


• Incoming, in-process and final product inspections and product release

• Certificate of analysis: reporting the results of microbiological and analytical controls and testing

• Production quality standards and retains

• Specification and master batch record development and management

• Document, label, and change control

• Audits, complaint investigations and corrective actions


Fortunately the good result of our professional "Pro-Demodex Treatment" products practically approved that "Demodex Home Therapy" works well!


Our products already passed all the official tests by the professional R&D team in the laboratory of our factory.


We highly recommend to try our unique product "DEMODEX THERAPY" to observe the actual result of our specialized product.


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Awards & Achievements




Europa Awards 2010

A string of proud achievements finalists for the Europa Awards 2010. With global recognition for the quality products and innovation.


Super Excellent Brand Award

Asia Pacific Super Excellent Brand Award aims to inspire and stimulate perseverance, value innovation and excellence in the highly competitive business environment both locally and globally. This International Award also strives to provide recognition for the achievements of outstanding companies to reinforce the brand image in the market space.


E50 Enterprise Award

Enterprise 50 is a prestigious award recognizes the achievements of Malaysia's enterprising home-grown companies which are well positioned for the future challenges.


The Golden Bull Award

Acknowledged as the most prestigious and representative business award, the Golden Bull Award is a defining moment of corporate excellence and an indication of greater achievements to come. It is a positive symbol of perseverance, confidence, stability and success in the business world, representing the essence of distinction and hallmark of excellence in entrepreneurship.


The Malaysia Power Brand

Malaysia Power Brand’s Logo is accreditation for the advertising and in all the merchandising. Today, Malaysia Power Brand’s Logo is not only recognizing a mark of quality, it also provides brands with a significant promotional asset that helps reassure consumers that they are making the right choice.


Good Manufacturing Practices

GMPs - Good Manufacturing Practices - are a legal codification of sound quality principles that have been used by the pharmaceutical and healthcare manufacturing industries for over 50 years as a means of assuring that products have the identity, strength, purity and quality that they purport to contain. GMPs are in effect in over 100 countries, and GMP compliance is a pre-requisite to exporting pharmaceuticals between countries.




Guaranteed Halal

All Halal food, products and services of this factory, are guaranteed Halal by the Malaysian Authority or other similar bodies outside Malaysia. The Malaysian Halal Symbol is used to denote approval by the Malaysian Authority. Otherwise other Halal Symbols are used.


ISO 9001:2008

The ISO 9001:2008 standard was developed as an international standard for quality management systems. Its aim is to give quality assurance of product and to enhance customer satisfaction.


ISO 22000:2005 & Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP)

ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System Standard (FSMS) globally harmonizes requirements for organizations within the food chain. Among many global contributors to the development and publication of the standard are the Codex Alimentations Commission (CODEX), United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO). These operating within the forum of the international confederation of countries International Organization for Standardization (ISO).


SMB Recognition Award

The factory’s COO awarded The SMB Recognition Award 2006, this is bestowed on SMBs which have displayed great successful players in local and international marketplace.


Business SUMMIT Award 2007

The factory's CEO awarded Gold Winner of the Business SUMMIT Award 2007 in Recognition of achievements, accomplishments and contributions using the strategy of the “3-in 1 Business Success Recipe”: ISO, Branding & Achievement Award.



Cosmetic products in Malaysia are regulated under the Control of Drugs and Cosmetic Regulations 1984. From year 2002 to end 2007, the control of cosmetic products is through pre-market registration; where the company which is responsible to place the product in the local market submits product details and relevant certificates for review and registration by the National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau (NPCB) before the product can be manufactured, imported or sold in the country.



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Universal Green Experts Sdn. Bhd. “UNGEX” presents professional products (herbal solution + ozone therapy) with computerized hair scanning analysis in a new breakthrough Technology to help stopping hair mites from growing.
UNGEX is successful because of its wide range of treatment options. Demodex hair mites are not easy to eliminate, but UNGEX uses a system of products to help your scalp, hair and skin return to full health.


The carefully designed UNGEX system uses a carefully designed system of steps to increase your chances for success. First, a professional will determine if there are Demodex hair mites present. The condition of your scalp must also be determined, and it will be classified as either normal, itchy, oily or dry.


If the presence of Demodex hair mites is confirmed, it is time to begin your treatment with the UNGEX system. Our customers appreciate that most of the treatments can take place in the comfort of their homes. You will receive special shampoos, combs and cleaners, and each substance comes with clear instructions regarding use. It is important to carefully follow the instructions that come with the UNGEX system. If you have any questions about the process, please contact your care provider right away.


The UNGEX system is helping people around the world get rid of Demodex hair mites once and for all.


Ungex is safe for all hair types and ages.

"UNGEX" is an all-new concept targeted on helping eliminating the hair mites.

“UNGEX” is the registered brand of Universal Green Experts Sdn. Bhd.

Please click here for more information about DHT and Demodex mites.


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EME Co. logo





Establish Date: NOVEMBER 16, 2002
P.O.BOX: 44504 DUBAI, U.A.E.


Founder and Managing Director: Seyed M. Mallak Behbahani


• Founder and Managing Director of Dubai Based East Moon Electronics L.L.C. since 2002 to, present (The official distributor of RiTEK Corporation)

• Manager of Malaysian Representative office of East Moon Electronics L.L.C. since 2010 to
, present (Licensed by MIDA, Malaysian Investment Development Authority)


• Organizer of the successful distribution network of Ritek/ Ridata Storage Media and Optical discs in The Middle East, since 2003 to present


• Seyed and his Dubai based Company have received the 2013 "Certificate of Distribution" for marketing and selling of Ritek and Ridata optical discs since 2003 to present by "East Moon Electronics LLC" as the authorized distributor of Ritek Corporation.

Dubai Office:

No.12, Al Raffa Bldg No.42, Al Nader St, Behind Admiral Plaza Hotel, Bur Dubai, Dubai, U.A.E.
Tel:   +971 4 3939 745
Tel:   +971 4 3939 735
Fax:  +971 4 3939 981

Mob: +971 50 5092350 (Mr. Ali)

SMS: +971 50 4755161 (SMS to MD)

Click here for more details of Dubai Office


Malaysia Representative Office:

No. 39A-3A (No 2) Blk 7 (Setia Avenue), Jalan Setia Prima S, U13/S, Setia Alam 40170 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia

Tel & Fax :------- -+60 3 3359 1524

Mr. Mallak:- -------+60 12 977 9684 (SMS)

Click here for more details

Main Web-site :   http://www.int-mart.com/
E-mail :

EME Activities:
EME established in Dubai, UAE
EME imported/ distributed and exported RiTEK Storage Media & Optical Discs from RiTEK Taiwan as the largest manufacturer of optical storage media in the world. Hence we –EME- are the official distributor of RITEK Corp. in U.A.E.
2003-2013: EME widely have distributed the Optical Storage Media in the Middle East, India, Africa and many other markets.
2008-2010: EME distributed UPS “EME” brand (UPS 600VA & 1200VA)
2010: EME launched “INT-MART” an International Marketplace, B2B with the best global marketing solutions.

2010: EME established its Representative Office in Malaysia.

EME Principal Activities:
Audio-Visual, Recording Equipment & Accessories Trading
Computer Equipment & Requisites Trading
Optical Discs and Storage Media Trading
Electrical Appliances and Electronic Products and Accessories Trading
Photographic Equipment and Accessories Trading
International Business and global marketing

EME Performance:
Distribution of all kinds of optical discs and storage media as well as UPS, LED and other products:
We - EAST MOON ELECTRONICS L.L.C. (EME) – are the official distributor of all optical discs and storage media manufactured by RiTEK Corporation Taiwan such as CD-R/-RW, DVD-R/-RW, DVD+R/+RW, DVD-RAM, HD DVD, BD-R, BD-RE, Mini DVD, Double Layer DVDR, Double Side DVDR and etc., in UAE as well as the Middle East and Africa.


Enlarge Certificate by Ritek


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About RiTEK:
Ritek is the Pride of Taiwan – The World’s Expert in Storage Media
By combining the Right Technology at the Right Time with the Right Product, RITEK has earned its name in the high-tech field of storage media. By maintaining an innovative business vision from the start, and combining it with a strong commitment to innovation and exceptional customer services, RITEK had successfully become the largest manufacturer of optical storage media in the world.
Since its establishment in 1988, RITEK had produced Taiwan’s first CD, DVD and OLED. Recently, to keep in path with storage development and provide more convenient storage solution, RITEK has invested in consumer electronic (CE) products, like memory cards, USB drives and SSD (Solid State Drive). In addition, to avoid the excessive use of fossil fuels and to create a better environment, RITEK has devoted many of its efforts to Green industry especially in Photovoltaic (PV) products. Currently, the green product line of RITEK includes c-Si, BIPV, CIGS, solar system, LED lights and so on. Not only RITEK offers the perfect storage solution for portable digital devices, but also takes a lead of industry trend.

RiTEK Company Profile:
Corporate Name ﹕ RITEK Corporation
Establish Date ﹕ December 29, 1988
Date of IPO ﹕ April 23, 1996
Headquarter ﹕ No. 42, Kuan-Fu N. Road, Hsin-Chu Industrial Park, 30316, Taiwan
Employees ﹕ 6,000 (Global)
Capital ﹕ 800 million USD (2008)

Performance ﹕
· The largest manufacturer of optical storage media in the world
· Manufactured the first CD, DVD and OLED in Taiwan
· Awarded in the Geneva International Invention Contest
· The first optical disc manufacturer in the world which can simultaneously mass produce CD-R/-RW, DVD-R/-RW, DVD+R/+RW, DVD-RAM, HD DVD and BD

Certifications ﹕
1994.11 Received ISO 9002 certification
1999.06 Received ISO 14001 certification
2000.04 Received ISO 9001 certification (the 1994 edition)
2000.11 Received QS9000 certification
2004.01 Received Green Partner certification from Sony
2005.08 Received ISO 14001 certification (the 2004 edition)
2005.09 Received OHSAS 18001 certification (the 1999 edition)
2005.11 Received ISO 9001 certification (the 2000 edition)
2005.12 Received the Green mark certification from the EPA (Environmental Protection Admin.)
2008.09 Received OHSAS 18001 certification (the 2007 edition)

The RITEK Story:
1988 RITEK was established
1989 RITEK won the Geneva International Invention Award
1990 RITEK produced the first CD in Taiwan
1995 RITEK was the first optical disc manufacturer in Taiwan to receive ISO9002 certification
1996 RITEK was listed on the Taiwan stock market
RITEK produced the first DVD in Taiwan
1997 RITEK produced the first DVD-R in Taiwan
1998 RITEK was the first optical disc manufacturer in Taiwan to become principal member of the DVD Forum
1999 RITEK was the first optical disc manufacturer in Taiwan to receive ISO14001 certification for environmental protection
In a joint-venture with Philips, RITEK establishes an optical disc factory in Germany
RITEK produces the first OLED in Taiwan
2000 RITEK was the first optical disc manufacturer in Taiwan to receive ISO9001 certification
RITEK established the world's first automatic OLED mass production line
RITEK established Taiwan's first OLED manufacturing company – RiTdisplay Corporation
RITEK was the first optical disc manufacturer in Taiwan to receive QS9000 certification
2001 RITEK established Conrexx Technology BV (RITEK Europe), the European Subsidiary
RITEK established Advanced Media Inc (RITEK USA), the American Subsidiary
RITEK established HUTEK, an optical disc factory on Mainland China
RITEK established PRORIT Corporation, the world's largest disc packaging factory
2002 RITEK was the first optical media manufacturer capable of mass producing DVD-R/-RW, DVD+R/+RW and DVD-RAM
2003 RITEK established RME Manufacturing GMBH, a factory for disc printing and packaging In Germany
2004 RITEK established RITEK Japan Inc., the Japanese Subsidiary
RITEK was certified under SONY's Green Partner certification
2005 RITEK was certified under ISO 14001 certification (the 2004 edition)
RITEK was certified under OHSAS18001:1999 Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems
RITEK was certified under ISO 9001 certification (the 2000 edition)
RITEK received the Green mark certification from the EPA ( Environmental Protection Administration)
RITEK was certified under RICOH's CMS certification
2006 RITEK was awarded with the honor "Taiwan Superior Brand"
2007 Established RITEK North Africa Inc , the North Africa Subsidiary
Established AimCore Technology Co. Ltd. ,the ITO manufacturer.
RITEK's Yego was awarded with the honor Japan's " Good Design Award "
2008 RITEK's Yego was awarded with the honor Germany " iF Product Design Award "
RITEK is having a strategic alliance with a top European solar partner,Scheuten


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EME Exclusive Distribution Certificates & Agreements:
2003 - 2013 Received the official exclusive distribution certificate from RiTEK Corporation, Taiwan
2007 Received an official exclusive LED distribution agreement from Prodisc Technology INC, TW
2009-2010 Received the official agreement from Tiyan Gas Steel Ind. Co (GOLRANG Ind. Group)
Established a Representative Office in Malaysia (KL)

EME Procurement Activities:
East Moon Electronics L.L.C. is meeting and researching the expectations and feedbacks of global customers since establish and customers expect EME’s products and services to offer a high level of value and to improve the recognition of the brand through its operations. East Moon Electronics LLC is so liable and flexible on customer’s expectations.

East Moon Electronics L.L.C. procure high quality products from numerous suppliers worldwide such as RiTEK, Prodisc, Tiyan, etc... EME built smooth relationships with suppliers based on mutual trust and cooperation in order to provide highly appealing products that satisfy customers and to be good business partners.

East Moon Electronics LLC (EME) proudly launches an International Business Centre
We are going to open a new horizon in the global business market based on mutual:
Trust, Transparency, Exclusivity, Loyal effort and so on.

We are going to facilitate the conduct of business and trade between companies and people in all around the world especially from Middle East to all other part of the globe. We kindly offer our services and grant our experiences FREE OF charge, duty, responsibility, obligation etc. Great opportunity for Suppliers, Trading Companies, Marketing group, International network marketing team, Inventors, Investors, Manufacturers, etc. TO:
reach millions of new buyers worldwide, promote and advertise the products or services directly with the original source, have the site with unlimited number of products and huge number of selling leads with the original information, achieve professional communication and trade management tools and so on … all free of charge! And finally an excellent occasion for Buyers, Middle men, Dealers, Trading companies etc.
Full and direct access to large number of products worldwide, Place unlimited purchase requests directly to the suppliers or exclusive agents on line, Achieve professional communication and trade management tools We offer years of experience, a multitude of contacts, skilled staff that provide a full selection of services, including: initial market assessments, developing local contacts for wholesale distribution or partnership, local sales etc.,

Export and import experience, marketing collateral, including brochures and web sites, local search engine optimization (SEO) and online marketing, international e-commerce web site development,
translation and localization of marketing materials, support of negotiations, international end-user, customer support



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Certificate Ritek

hair mites cause hair loss!



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