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-Founder's Profile:


-Seyed M. Mallak Behbahani (Managing Director)


-Seyed founded Universal Green Experts Sdn. Bhd. in 2011 as well as his company UNGEX- Pty. Ltd. in 2014 to help, those who suffer from Demodex mite related hair loss. He did -this- by introducing a revolutionary new concept in mite removal technology known as - 'Ungex'.


-Professional Experience
• President and Director of Malaysian based UNIVERSAL GREEN EXPERTS SDN. BHD. since- Jun. 2011 to present


• Founder and Managing Director of Australian based UNGEX PTY. LTD. since Feb. 2014 to- present

-Solution-driven business administrator having more than 21 years of management experience, since 1993 to present


• Created teams with well-rounded features through the implementation of training and mentorship in leadership, job-embedded professional development programs and adherence to ongoing accountability.


• Seyed and his companies have received several business certificates and awards, including the 2012 "Best Invention Award" for the invention of Ungex Mites Solution by "Universal Green Experts" from Taiwan Invention Intellectual Property Association (TIIPA) in Malaysia Technology Expo 2012 (The leading international invention and innovation expo). (Click here to see the "Best Invention Award")


• Seyed has participated in many international exhibitions and seminars (REFER TO NEWS PAGE).


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Company Profile | All That You Must Know About Us | UNGEX


Universal Green Experts Sdn. Bhd. and Ungex Pty. Ltd. (both known as UNGEX) are revolutionary companies that endeavour to help change the way that people think about personal care.


UNGEX has developed a wide range of innovative products, all aimed at preventing and helping to eliminate Demodex mites. UNGEX Pty Ltd (Australian HQ) is a sister company to Universal Green Experts Sdn Bhd (Malaysian HQ). UNGEX agents and sub-agents in Malaysia and Singapore, sell the Malaysian-made products (for a full list click here) as well as our latest Australian-made products which has recently launched and available for online purchase (to purchase click here).

Demodex is a genus of tiny parasitic mite that live in, or near the hair follicles of humans. When Demodex mites are present, a wide variety of problems can occur. Some of these can include hair thinning and hair loss. In addition to that, recent scientific research has revealed that Demodex mites could be responsible for a variety of health issues including hair loss, thinning hair, aging skin, enlarged pores, facial redness and discoloration, acne, rosacea, itching and general discomfort. (For more information about mites click here).

UNGEX has developed a wide range of revolutionary products that combine specialised techniques with our in-home care system (read more about it here). Our products are natural and herbal based solutions, all aimed at helping to eliminate mites, and further restoring your scalp, hair and skin’s natural beauty. Our goal is to help ensure a safe, effective way of helping those who suffer from Demodex mites.






Our Vision

To stay highly competitive and innovative at all times.


Our Mission

To be recognised as the major player both locally and internationally in the personal care industry.


Our Motto

Mites solution isn’t an illusion!


About Production - Eliminate Demodex Mites - Avoid Hair Loss

One of the major producers of our products in Malaysia is an expert factory established in 1991 and has since grown into a market leader in the development, manufacturing, packaging and distribution of skincare products for the professional private label beauty and skincare industry. They have expanded on their range of hair and body care products, cosmetics, and health nutritional food.


By combining France’s sophisticated advancement in dermatological technology and their commitment to high quality, they are able to successfully cater to the various needs of the global market. Their premise in Malaysia houses the production, quality control, design and packing facilities, research development centre and administrative offices.


They are ISO9001:2008, ISO22000:2005 and HACCP certified, proving the dedication and commitment to achieve global standards of quality and consistency, as well as food and pharmaceutical safety. They have also obtained the GMP certification from the Malaysian Health Ministry, and the halal certification from the Halal Food Council of South East Asia.


With the experience and expertise of 200 employees across a diverse range of fields, they continue to be able to provide quality products and excellent customer service. Their continued pursuit of excellence has enabled them to successfully venture into the global market.


Plans are on the drawing board to develop innovative hair care and skincare technologies that will put UNGEX as a global leader in this industry.


Our factory continues to invest heavily in research, development and testing to be one of the most advanced manufacturing facilities in the skin care industry. Strong and long-standing relationships with raw ingredient suppliers from all over the world allow us to be pioneers in using the latest compounds to create products which are more effective than ever.


With stringent quality controls and assurances in place at every step of the way, we are able to maintain the excellent quality that has come to be expected of us.


Raw material, packaging component, microbial, chemical, in-process, and finished product testing services are provided by our QC/QA team to support production operations in compliance with Asian GMP requirements.


Our factory is able to incorporate customer-specified quality systems into our operations. They also provide assistance on the development of the system to ensure the smooth running of the facilities.

Below are some of our quality systems:


• Incoming, in-process and final product inspections and product release

• Certificate of analysis: reporting the results of microbiological and analytical controls and testing

• Production quality standards and retains

• Specification and master batch record development and management

• Document, label, and change control

• Audits, complaint investigations and corrective actions


Fortunately the good result of our professional "Ungex" products practically approved that it works well!


Our products already passed all the official tests by the professional R&D team in the laboratories of our factories.


We highly recommend you to try our unique products to observe the actual result of our specialised products for yourself.



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"Learn About Ungex Products"

Universal Green Experts Sdn. Bhd. and Ungex Pty Ltd present “UNGEX” professional method in a new breakthrough technology with the unique products to help eliminate Demodex mites.

UNGEX is successful because of its wide range of products. Demodex hair mites are not easy to eliminate, but UNGEX uses a system of products to help your scalp, hair and skin return to full health.

If the presence of Demodex hair mites is confirmed, it is time to use the UNGEX system. It is important to carefully follow the instructions that come with the UNGEX system. If you have any questions about the process, please contact your care provider right away.

You may learn more about Ungex products and about us in order to choose the best method to eliminate Demodex mites on humans and avoid hair loss and other skin conditions. The UNGEX system is helping people around the world to eliminate Demodex hair mites and treat their hair, face and body in order to get rid of all types of mites by herbal based products. People must avoid hair or scalp issues to have a healthy skin without such problems.

If You Want To Learn More About Us | UNGEX – Eliminate Demodex Mites - Avoid Hair Loss then you are more than welcome to contact us any time. We are glad to let public know that Ungex product is safe for all hair types and ages.



Click here for Frequently Asked Questions about Demodex hair mites.



Malaysian Head Office:

Universal Green Experts Sdn. Bhd. (948434-T)
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia


Australian Head Office:

Ungex Pty. Ltd. (ACN 168 075 885)

Phone & Fax:----.+61 3 9939 6154

Phone & Fax:-----+61 3 9939 7575

Australia Hotline:     1800 238 528

Suite 1510, 530 Little Collins St. Melbourne VIC 3000 AUSTRALIA


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