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About Hair Mites Solution and Demodex Treatment


What are Demodex mites?

Demodex mites are microscopic parasites that feed off the oils, hormones, and fluids that are present around human hair follicles.


What do Demodex mites look like?

They are invisible to the eye unless aided by a microscope. The adult Demodex mite is around 0.3 mm in length. They have semi-transparent elongated bodies with 8 short segmented legs. At night they can walk on the skin at a speed of 8 to 16 cm an hour.


How to know if I have Demodex mites?

Mites are very common in humans of all ages. Those affected usually have tell-tale symptoms such as: loss of hair and hair thinning, aging skin, enlarged pores, facial redness and discolouration, acne and itching.


Are face mites causing my rosacea?

It’s possible. Mites can be linked to rosacea in some people. People affected with mite-related rosacea will often have weakened immune systems either from autoimmune deficiencies or something in their lifestyle which could be causing the mites to overpopulate in the skin.


My eyes are always inflamed and sticky around the lashes. Could this mean I have mites in my eyelashes?

Yes! It’s possible, as a mite infestation in the eyelash follicles can lead to blepharitis. Blepharitis is a condition that causes inflammation of the eyelids, eye discharge, a dry gritty sensation in the eyes and general itching/discomfort. If you are experiencing more than two of these symptoms it is very possible to have an eyelash mite infestation.


How do I treat mite infestation?

Using Ungex’s hair mites solution for hair and skin can help you solve the problems. Products can be brought from our online store here and you will be given a detailed method of application that we call a care plan. Products can be used from the comfort of your own home, or you can visit an Ungex endorsed salon to receive professional pampering.


Do UNGEX products contain SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulphate)?

No. UNGEX uses no harmful chemicals in the Mites Solution and there are no side effects. Ungex products are SLS FREE, SLES FREE, PARABEN FREE, ARTIFICIAL COLOUR FREE.



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